Free rapid COVID-19 tests are now available to collect at pharmacies for those who are eligible and we have a new video and static images to promote this which we would be grateful if you could share over the coming week.

Free COVID-19 Tests -static images attached and video available via the dropbox link here:

We also have new Help us, Help you, short films around accessing NHS Services, these include:

  • What to expect from your GP surgery animation – English and Welsh versions (suggested copy to accompany below)
  • Managing symptoms eye health care – featuring consultant Andrew Feyi Waboso – English only

We would be grateful if you could promote these new videos using your available communication channels, all part of the Keep Wales Safe Campaign.

You can download the Help us, Help you, videos via the dropbox link here:

Free Rapid COVID_19 Test - Suggested copy:

Free rapid COVID-19 tests are now available to collect at pharmacies for those who are eligible.

Collect yours today.

1 in 3 people with Coronavirus have no symptoms.

Get tested to #KeepWalesSafe

Mae profion COVID-19 cyflym ar gael am ddim, i bawb sy’n gymwys, yn eich fferyllfa nawr.

Ewch i gasglu pecyn heddiw.

Nid yw symptomau’n dangos yn tua 1 o bob 3 o’r rhai sydd â COVID-19.

Cymerwch brawf i #DiogeluCymru

Suggested copy to accompany GP surgeries video:


The way you access NHS services has changed.

Here’s what to expect when to you contact your GP practice



Mae’r ffordd rydych chi’n cael mynediad at wasanaethau’r GIG wedi newid.

Dyma beth i’w ddisgwyl gan eich meddygfa.


UPDATE - Tennis Courts at OSMCC Park & Playing Field, Ty’r Winch Road, Old St Mellons

OSMCC are working with Tennis Wales 🏴& residents of Old St Mellons & St Edeyrn’s to establish a tennis club.  While this program is at an advanced stage there are still a few issues to complete before the club is formally opened in August (current position) when an Open Day is being actively considered.

One of the issues delaying the formal opening is the introduction of an electronic booking system for the courts, which involves the installation a coded gate system.  To gain access to the courts a code issued automatically at the time of making a telephone booking will need to be typed into the pad on the entrance gate to the courts.  All bookings must be made by debit or credit card  (Amex cards excluded).

What is more is we are also working with Tennis Wales in exploring opportunities for coaching facilities. Regardless of whether coaching is required those interested are invited to play tennis 🎾 either as a club member or on a pay to play basis.

The scale of charges will be as set out below. They are intentionally set to be reasonable & will go towards the upkeep of the courts:

In the interim period prior to official opening the courts will be available on certain days for limited periods of time.  The reason being that during the period the opening & closing of the court gate will require carrying out by volunteers.  As soon as the dates & times of opening are available they will be placed at the park entry gate, OSMCC notice boards & the St Edeyrn’s website.

Whatever your age or ability if you are interested in becoming involved with the tennis club, or in just playing tennis from time to time please send your details including your name, contact telephone number, address & email to the Clerk for OSMCC This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

(All such data is subject to the General Date Protection Regulation (GDPR) & is used for Old St Mellons Community Council Tennis Club purposes only & not shared with other third parties).

Further updates will be issued prior to the formal opening of the courts.








Pease apply with a CV and covering letter to:




Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Contact: Mobile 07543 791759

With restrictions easing today (June 7th) please find attached a diary marker outlining the changes.

We have also attached Keep Wales Safe campaign assets detailing the world leading vaccination programme here
in Wales and the latest milestones achieved.

We’ve included suggested copy (translated) below to accompany this campaign material.

It’s still really important that we continue to do everything we can to reduce the risk of spreading Coronavirus and remain vigilant. 


June 7th Calendar asset

Thanks to everything you are doing to #KeepWalesSafe, we can relax coronavirus restrictions again from Monday, allowing more people to meet outdoors.

We are monitoring cases and if the public health situation allows, we will relax restrictions again on 21 June.

Key dates 👇


Diolch i chi, rydym yn gallu llacio’r cyfyngiadau eto o ddydd Llun. Bydd hyn yn cynnwys caniatáu i fwy o bobl gwrdd yn yr awyr agored.

Rydym yn monitro achosion, ac os bydd y sefyllfa yn caniatáu, byddwn yn llacio’r cyfyngiadau eto ar 21 Mehefin.

Y dyddiadau allweddol 👇

45% Vaccinated asset

45% of adults in Wales are now fully vaccinated 🙌

Wales vaccination programme is world leading 

Remember the second vaccine provides greater protection from coronavirus and new variants.


Mae 45% o oedolion yng Nghymru bellach wedi'u brechu'n llawn 🙌

Mae rhaglen frechu Cymru yn arwain y byd 

Cofiwch fod yr ail frechlyn yn rhoi diogelwch cryfach rhag coronafeirws ac amrywiolion newydd. 

85% vaccinated asset

Over 85% of adults in Wales have received their first dose of the vaccine 👏

We're celebrating the speed of our vaccination teams and everyone who has said yes to the vaccine ❤️

The variants present a real threat. Please take up your offer of the vaccines when it's time.


Mae dros 85% o oedolion yng Nghymru bellach wedi cael eu dos cyntaf o'r brechlyn 👏

Diolch i'n timau brechu cyflym ac i bawb sydd wedi cael eu brechlyn ❤️️

Mae amrywiadau'n bryder gwirioneddol. Ewch am frechlyn pan fydd hi'n amser.


Bore Da,

Rydym yn falch o roi gwybod ichi fod yr arolwg gwirfoddolwyr: dysgu gwersi o'r ymateb cymunedol i COVID-19 yng Nghymru wedi mynd yn fyw heddiw, a bydd ar agor am 6-8 wythnos (tan w/c 7 Gorffennaf).

Gellir ymweld a’r arolwg ar y dolen isod:

Mae'r arolwg ar-lein yn anhysbys, ac mae'n cymryd tua 15 munud i'w gwblhau. Mae yna hefyd opsiynau i'w cwblhau dros y ffôn / post ac yn Gymraeg, os oes angen. Cyflwynir yr arolwg gan Strategic Research and Insight, ar ein rhan.

Byddem yn ddiolchgar iawn pe gallech helpu i rannu dolen yr arolwg ar draws eich rhwydweithiau, a rhwydweithiau gwirfoddolwyr i'n helpu i gyrraedd ystod eang o wirfoddolwyr ledled Cymru, neu rannu gydag unrhyw un sydd wedi cefnogi eu cymuned / wedi rhoi o'u hamser yn rhydd i helpu eraill yn ystod y pandemig.


Mae croeso i chi ail-rannu / ailddefnyddio unrhyw un o'n cyfryngau cymdeithasol ICC - os yw'n ddefnyddiol

  • ICC trydar @IechydCyhoeddus

Mae ein timau cyfathrebiadau hefyd wedi paratoi fideo byr y gellir ei ddefnyddio i'w rannu ar gyfryngau cymdeithasol:

  • Gellir lawrlwytho'r fideo yma:


Rydym wedi paratoi briff byr am yr arolwg ar ein tudalennau Ymchwil a Datblygu, ar gyfer unrhyw un a allai fod angen mwy o wybodaeth, y gallwch ddod o hyd iddo ar y dolenni isod:


Mae ICC hefyd wedi cyhoeddi stori newyddion byr ar ein gwefan, sydd ar gael ar y dolenni isod:

Os oes gennych unrhyw gwestiynau, cysylltwch â Lucia This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Diolch yn fawr am eich help ymlaen llaw,

Dymuniadau gorau,


Good Morning,

We are pleased to let you know that the volunteers survey:  Learning lessons from the community-led response to COVID-19 in Wales Survey has gone live today, and will be open for 6-8 weeks (until w/c 7th July).

The survey can be accessed on the link below:


The online survey is anonymous, and takes around 15 minutes to complete. There are also options for completion via telephone/postal and in Welsh, if required. The survey is delivered by Strategic Research and Insight, on our behalf.

We would be very grateful if you could please help share the survey link across your networks, and volunteer networks to help us reach wide range of volunteers across Wales, or share with anyone who has supported their community/given up their time freely to help others during the pandemic.


Please feel free to reshare/reuse any of our PHW social media- if helpful.

  • PHW twitter  @PublicHealthW

Our comms teams has also prepared a short video that can be used to share on social media:

We have prepared a short brief about the survey on our R&E pages, for anyone who may require more information, which you can find on the links below: 

PHW has also published a short news story on our website, accessible on the links below:

Should you have any questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Many thanks for your help in advance,

Best Wishes,


Please find attached new Keep Wales Safe assets detailing the changes to Welsh Government guidelines due to be introduced tomorrow. 


O heddiw, mae caffis, tafarndai a bwytai yn cael ailagor dan o.

Mae hyd at 6 o bobl o wahanol aelwydydd yn cael bwcio.

Defnyddiwch ap Covid-19 y GIG i fewngofnodi #DiogeluCymru.


From today, cafes, pubs and restaurants can reopen indoors.

Up to 6 people from different households can book a table.

Please check in to the NHS Covid-19 app when you visit to #KeepWalesSafe.

We are aware of misinformation circulating around a variety of subject matters, so we have a new suite of assets aimed at myth busting, covering topics such as face coverings, vaccinations and COVID-19 vs flu.

 As we continue to move forward with further easing of restrictions we share the latest Keep Wales Safe calendar marker
outlining the latest changes in place this week.


Suggested copy-rule of 6/hospitality:

From Saturday 24 April, 6 people from any number of households will be able to meet up outdoors.

We have also confirmed that outdoor hospitality will be able to reopen from Monday 26 April.

More information here:

O ddydd Sadwrn 24 Ebrill, bydd 6 o bobl o unrhyw aelwyd yn gallu cwrdd yn yr awyr agored.

Rydym hefyd wedi cadarnhau y bydd lletygarwch awyr agored yn gallu ailagor o ddydd Llun 26 Ebrill.

Mwy o wybodaeth yma

One day we won’t have to keep our distance. Soon we’ll see everyone smile.  

Let’s keep it up. 

Longer form copy

Coronavirus is still here and it’s going to need a big team effort for us to live alongside it safely. This hasn’t been an easy time for anyone and coronavirus has really changed our lives. We’ve all got a reason to keep doing our bit to stop the spread of coronavirus so we can get life going again. We all have a part to play, by thinking every day about what we should do, rather than what we can do, to protect lives, livelihoods and our ways of living. More information:

Mae’r coronafeirws yn dal i fod yma, a bydd angen i ni weithio gyda’n gilydd er mwyn gallu byw ochr yn ochr â’r feirws hwn yn ddiogel. Mae hwn wedi bod yn gyfnod anodd i bawb, ac mae’r coronafeirws wedi newid ein bywydau. Mae gan bob un ohonom ran i’w chwarae, drwy feddwl bob dydd am beth y dylem ei wneud, yn hytrach na beth y gallwn ei wneud, i ddiogelu bywydau, bywoliaethau a’n ffordd o fyw. Mwy o wybodaeth ar:



It is with deep sorrow that Her Majesty The Queen announces the death of her beloved husband,

His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.
His Royal Highness passed away peacefully this morning at Windsor Castle.

  • Further announcements will be made in due course.
  • The Royal Family join with people around the world in mourning his loss.

1921 – 2021

Friday, 9 April 202


Keep Wales Safe Campaign

12th  April will mark the latest milestone in changes to guidance across Wales

  • Full return to schools and colleges
  • Universities can reopen
  • All shops can reopen
  • Close contact services resume
  • Travel in and out of Wales permitted

Keep Wales Safe Campaign

Please be aware of scams surrounding the Vaccines.

We are excited to announce the launch of Caru Cymru – our biggest ever initiative
to eradicate litter and waste.

Caru Cymru (a Welsh phrase meaning ‘Love Wales’) aims to inspire everyone to take action
and care for the environment.

Our new movement will not just focus on cleaning up, it will address stopping litter from happening in the first place.

What will be happening?

Keep Wales Tidy will be working in partnership with every local authority in Wales and Cardiff University’s behaviour change team. Together, we will be trialling a range of new and innovative solutions to tackle roadside, fast-food and marine related litter, improve air quality and eliminate single use plastic.

Keep Wales Tidy project officers will be working closely with local authorities to develop ‘action plans’ that target specific issues and hotspots. They will also continue to support communities to take action by:

  • Running awareness and behaviour change campaigns to prevent further issues.
  • Helping to form new community groups.
  • Working with the council to identify and establish new litter picking hubs.
  • Supporting new and existing Litter Champions.

How can you get involved?

  • Share what you’re doing to look after your Green Flag site and your local environment using #CaruCymru on social media.
  • Act now to cut single-use plastic! Make the switch from disposable to reusable.

Register for Spring Clean Cymru (28 May – 13 June) and join our million mile mission

You can find out more about Caru Cymru by visiting our brand-new hub.

Caru Cymru hub

By everybody working together to create a clean and safe environment, we can build stronger, healthier communities and make a positive difference to our planet.

Mae Cadwch Gymru’n Daclus yn falch o gyhoeddi achlysur lansio Caru Cymru – ei fenter fwyaf erioed i ddileu sbwriel a gwastraff.

Nod Caru Cymru yw ysbrydoli pawb i weithredu a gofalu am yr amgylchedd.

Bydd ein mudiad newydd yn canolbwyntio ar lanhau, ond bydd hefyd yn mynd i’r afael ag atal sbwriel rhag digwydd yn y lle cyntaf.

Beth fydd yn digwydd?

Bydd Cadwch Gymru’n Daclus yn gweithio mewn partneriaeth â phob awdurdod lleol yng Nghymru a thîm newid ymddygiad Prifysgol Caerdydd. Gyda’n gilydd, byddwn yn rhoi ystod o atebion newydd ac arloesol ar brawf i fynd i’r afael â sbwriel ar ochr y ffordd, sbwriel bwyd brys ac yn ymwneud â’r môr, gwella ansawdd aer a dileu plastig untro.

Bydd swyddogion prosiect Cadwch Gymru’n Daclus yn gweithio’n agos gydag awdurdodau lleol i ddatblygu ‘cynlluniau gweithredu’ sydd yn targedu materion penodol ac ardaloedd lle mae problemau. Byddant hefyd yn parhau i gefnogi cymunedau i weithredu trwy:

  • Gynnal ymgyrchoedd ymwybyddiaeth a newid ymddygiad i atal problemau pellach.
  • Helpu i ffurfio grwpiau cymunedol newydd.
  • Gweithio gyda’r cyngor i nodi a sefydlu hybiau codi sbwriel newydd.
  • Cefnogi Arwyr Sbwriel newydd a phresennol.

Y weledigaeth ar gyfer Caru Cymru yw y bydd yn dod yn naturiol i bobl wneud y peth iawn, o fynd â’u sbwriel gartref a glanhau ar ôl eu ci, i ailgylchu ‘wrth fynd’, ailddefnyddio ac atgyweirio.

Sut gallwch chi gymryd rhan?

  • Rhannwch yr hyn yr ydych yn ei wneud i ofalu am eich safle Baner Werdd a’ch amgylchedd lleol gan ddefnyddio #CaruCymru ar y cyfryngau cymdeithasol.
  • Gweithredwch nawr i leihau plastig untro! Newidiwch o untro i amldro.

Cofrestrwch ar gyfer Gwanwyn Glân Cymru (28 Mai – 13 Mehefin) ac ymunwch â’n menter miliwn o filltiroedd

Gallwch ganfod mwy am Caru Cymru trwy fynd i’n hyb newydd sbon

Caru Cymru hub

Trwy gydweithio i greu amgylchedd glân a diogel, gallwn greu cymunedau cryfach, iachach a gwneud gwahaniaeth cadarnhaol i’n planed.

Cardiff Council are changing the waste and recycling collection days to provide a better service that’s
more efficient and cost effective in the long term.

From Monday 22nd February you may have a change to the day, week or time your collections take place.