We’re back having taken a short break to refocus the Keep Wales Safe and Help Us Help You campaigns. The next few weeks are vital for us to stay at alert level zero, to keep Wales safe and open through the autumn and winter, given the rise in Coronavirus cases across the country.

From today (15th November) in Wales we will all need to show our vaccination status or recent negative lateral flow result to get into cinemas, concert halls, theatres, nightclubs and large events.

We have attached some static images highlighting this important update and also included a video below:

We have also included some suggested copy to accompany these materials below and would be extremely grateful if you could share via your available communication channels, using the hashtag #KeepWalesSafe

Covid Pass update - Accompanying copy:

Welsh: Rhaid dangos eich statws brechu neu ganlyniad negatif prawf llif unffordd i fynd i sinemâu, neuaddau cyngerdd a theatrau. Gallwch ddefnyddio Pàs Covid y GIG i ddangos y rhain,

tecst/e-bost gyda chanlyniad eich prawf. Cael eich Pàs yma


English: You need to show you’re fully vaccinated or a recent negative lateral flow test result to go to a cinema, theatre or concert hall. You can do this using an NHS Covid Pass or an

email/text of your lateral flow test result. Get a Pass here


Please also find attached some of the latest images and animations from the Help Us Help You Campaign on how we can all make small steps to become healthier, along with suggested copy to accompany. We would be really grateful if you could also share these via your available channels, adding the hashtag  #HelpUsHelpYou or ##HelpuNiHelpuChi

Healthy Wales – Help Us Help You

Suggested copy 1

Rydyn ni’n gwybod ei bod yn anodd newid ein deiet a’n ffordd o fyw i fod yn iachach, ond mae newidiadau bach yn haws eu gwneud a’u cynnal.

Pa gamau allwch chi eu cymryd heddiw? Chwiliwch GIG 111 Cymru i ddod o hyd i gymorth a chefnogaeth sy’n lleol i chi.

We know it can seem hard to make changes to our diet and lifestyle to be healthier, but small changes are easier to make and maintain.

What steps can you take today? Search NHS 111 Wales to find help and support nearest you

Suggested copy 2

Mae camau bach y gallwn ni i gyd eu cymryd i ddod yn fwy iach

Mae gennym ni'r offer i’ch helpu, ewch i 111 GIG Cymru i gael cyngor a chefnogaeth


There are small steps we can all take to become healthier

We have the tools to support you, visit NHS 111 Wales for advice and support